Teaching Takes Time

By Issa Belle Klarisse Chan (Grade 7 – Lu Xun) I have never really tried paying any attention to younger kids, or people younger than my age group in general. I am also not the type of person you see on the street smiling with my family, craving attention. I can’t even ask a waiter...
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Grade 7 Recollection : “How are you 8 months since the lockdown?”

G7 Recollection with Sr. Fidelis Estrada was held on November 12, 2020. The theme of the recollection is “HOW ARE YOU ON THE 8 MONTHS SINCE THE LOCKDOWN?”. Advisers and facilitators joined and help facilitate the 1-day values-laden proceeding. Parents were invited to interact with the children in the latter part of the afternoon session....
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