About ISA

Iloilo Scholastic Academy

Since our beginnings in April 2004, Iloilo Scholastic Academy (ISA) has always believed in every child’s potential for learning, mastery, and impact that goes beyond themselves.

We believe that when children become readers, their world grows wider and much richer. Thus, our goal is to turn every ISAer into an avid reader.

Adopting an interactive system of classroom learning, we aim to help our learners build fluency and comprehension, which they are trained to use independently, to further acquire knowledge on various subjects of interest.

ISA is duly recognized and strictly complies with the curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education of the Philippines. We offer subjects such as Communication Arts in Filipino, English and Mandarin; Mathematics; Sciences; Social Studies; Music, Art, Physical Education and Computer, for Preschool to Senior High School levels.


We envision our school to become a respectable center of virtue and excellence, that advocates trustworthiness, integrity, diligence and honesty; adheres to an educational system of international standing wherein learners are nurtured to possess noble sentiments, scientific intelligence, utmost confidence and strong physical aptitude.


We are committed to impress in our youths the wholesome and dynamic Filipino and Chinese cultures; instill in them the sense of truth, justice and love; provide guidance for them to employ their knowledge and skills in order to further pursue their dreams in some prestigious tertiary institutions, and to ultimately contribute to the development and prosperity of our Motherland–the Philippines.

The ISAer

The ISAer is someone who uses reading and comprehension, supplemented with hands-on manipulation and observation, to further explore the wonderful realm of knowledge, continuously enrich his faculty, widen his worldview, and, above all, be able to appreciate and respect nature and mankind.

The ISAer is a person imbued with social consciousness, scientific intelligence, and global vision. He is armed with confidence and a positive attitude, enabling him to interact effectively with his fellow citizens as well as with the rest of the world.

The Facilitator

By embracing the learner-centered approach, ISA deviates from the traditional methods of teaching.

We have shifted the role of the mentor, from a ‘teacher’ whose job is to impart knowledge to receptive pupils, to that of a ‘facilitator’ whose concern is to provide guidance to active learners. This is the cornerstone of the ISA educational system.

At ISA, the facilitators turn the ideal of laying the foundation for a child’s lifelong learning into a daily reality.









Philosophy: I am, I can

We believe that everything starts with potential. Every pursuit of learning begins with the belief that we have the potential for growth and improvement beyond our imagination.

Before we do, we must first be. This is our hope for every single ISAer, that in everything worth doing, no matter the difficulty, “I am, I can.”

Guiding Principles: Virtue and Excellence

Although we can never arrive at true perfection, our goal is where perfection would be if it were attainable. This relentless pursuit is the true meaning of excellence.

But in the final analysis, excellence matters only as far as it was arrived at virtuously, and is ultimately aimed for good. After all, it is Virtue and Excellence. Virtue always comes first.









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