Your highest ambitions require the strongest foundations.
Our Philosophy

I am, I can.

We believe that everything starts with potential. Every pursuit of learning begins with the belief that we have the potential for growth and improvement beyond our imagination.

Before we do, we must first be. This is our hope for every single ISAer, that in everything worth doing, no matter the difficulty, “I am, I can.”






Enrollment is Ongoing

Be part of a culture that always aims for the best, and a community that learns together and grows together. 

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Mastery, support, independent learning. Build your foundation with our top-performing English and Chinese academic programs.


We believe that virtue starts at the level of the self, but culminates at the level of the community.


We take great pride in the ISAers’ ability to thrive in and out of the classroom. After all, true learning lies in its application and impact beyond ourselves.

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Our Guiding Principles

Virtue and Excellence

Although we can never arrive at true perfection, our goal is where perfection would be if it were attainable. This relentless pursuit is the true meaning of excellence.

But in the final analysis, excellence matters only as far as it was arrived at virtuously, and is ultimately aimed for good. After all, it is Virtue and Excellence. Virtue always comes first.








Office of the Executive Director

The brain and heart of the school that is the school administration is, in the eyes of the Executive Director, “an office that provides critical support to every school community endeavor.”








Learner Council and Clubs

The ISA Learner Council and the learner-led School Clubs connect the learner community while bringing more color to campus life. They are the ideal training grounds for servant leadership.

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