ISA Public Speaking Association (IPSA)


IPSA (ISA Public Speaking Association) is the premier public speaking club on campus. At IPSA, we believe that every ISAer has a voice, and sometimes finding it is a matter of who listens. We are a club that listens to give courage to ISAers who wish to find and use their voices.

IPSA is a community where ISAers can develop and enhance their public speaking abilities. We wish to not only improve what ISAers already excel at but also to broaden their views and experience with different forms of public speaking.

Ipsa loquitur pro se

"She speaks for herself"

Two ways to interpret this phrase:

1. She speaks for herself. He speaks for himself. I speak for myself. We speak for ourselves. No one else can do it for us.

2. We speak not only for the audience but also for our own selves.


To give ear and confidence to voices, and voice to the voiceless. We believe in the power of listening and being listened to. Everyone has a voice. Finding it is a matter of having courage and giving courage to each other.

IPSA Officer Positions


Vice President for Core Activities

Vice President for Support Activities

Director for Radio

Director for Administration

Director for Finance

Director for Communications

IPSA Advisers

Ms. Melonie Genebraldo

Mr. Kevinn Chan

Membership and Privileges

Grade Level Qualification: Grade 5 – Grade 12

Quiz Privilege: Science

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Notable Activities and Events


Stage Days are monthly meet-ups among club members. Each Stage Day will feature 3-5 speakers (club members or guest speakers) who will perform their preferred form of public speaking. The main goal of stage day is to bring the members together while helping members gain confidence and develop their abilities.

While some members are assigned to perform, the rest of the club members participate as audience members and/or evaluators

Stage Days may be themed or random, and are exclusive to club members.


The ISA Radio channel is a monthly or bi-monthly podcast hosted by IPSA club members.

Podcasts will be hosted by different club members, however, people outside the club may be included as guests. Hosts may run a show solo, come in pairs, or do episodes as trios.

Each show may select its own format and area of specialization (Interviews, conversations, talks, poetry-reading/analysis, stand-up comedy, etc.)


The Literary Voices of the Youth is the annual school-wide public speaking competition. The event features different forms of public speaking, namely oration, declamation, extemporaneous speech, interpretative reading, story-telling.

This event may be expanded to other forms of public speaking.


Open Mic Nights or PechaKucha Nights are relaxed events where speakers are invited to perform and talk about various topics. These may be themed or random. In some ways, these are Stage Days that are larger in scale and open to those outside the club.


To end the year, an awards night will feature the most notable speakers from the year. Sample awards may include: Speaker of the Year, Most Improved Speaker (Courage Award), Comic of the Year, Radio Show of the Year, Originality Award (Member with the best original speeches/pieces)



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