ISA Junior Scholars


ISA Junior Scholars is the official learners’ publication of Iloilo Scholastic Academy. It is the home of the writers, journalists, artists and those who aspire to be one. This learner organization does not only cater writing skills and activities but also traditional and digital arts and media production – a good venue to showcase, discover and develop these skills.

Aimed at becoming a cradle of future, great literary minds, it collects the ISAers’ exceptional pieces as well as novice attempts. The Junior Scholars is, in many ways, the voice of the ISA learner community. With works purposely created for publication and works selected from class, it provides a glimpse into the ISAers’ minds, ideas, opinions, and what they hold to be of value.

Brilliant ideas and stories shouldn't be kept away from the world.


We in ISA Junior Scholars strive to be an avenue or a safe space for ISA learners to share their stories. The world, especially the ISA community, has a lot of stories and ideas to tell. And we believe that brilliant ideas and stories shouldn’t be kept away from the world.

JS Officers

Editors-in-Chief: Patricia Gaille Tiu & Sofia Geolingo

Associate Editor: Divine Grace Llamas

Managing Editor: Samantha Mok

Section Editors

News Editor: Cosette Sasha Patrimonio

Feature Editor: Francesca Ean Alexis Tiu

Literary Editor: Neriah Keren Ahhi

Art Directors: Serromah Kim Tubongbanua & Lee Anne Gomez

JS Media Productions

Video Editor: Divine Grace Llamas

News Anchors: Samantha Mok and Tracy Joanne Goonetilleke

News Reporter: John Alexander Agujetas

JS Advisers

Ms. Marvel Divinagracia

Mrs. Alvie Alabe Quiatchon

Membership and Privileges

Grade-level Qualification: Grade 4 – Grade 12

Other Qualifications: All prospective members will undergo a screening process.

Quiz Privilege: Grammar and Writing 

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Notable Activities and Events


Learners would post a write-up previously assigned to them every Wednesday and Friday aside from the articles that will be posted every school event and during special occasions.


TV broadcasting production featuring recent events in school or video production about relevant topics or issues in our community which will be aired once every two months.


JS will facilitate a school-based competition on different categories in journalism, creative writing, and the arts to unleash the writer in each ISAers and to enhance the members’ organization and leadership skills. This is also to spot potential talents to join the organization and competitions.


Features the writers’ literary masterpieces in creative writing (flash fictions, short stories, poems, essays, play, etc) to be given out to the learners and to be shared with the outside schools in collaboration with the Margins Book Club’s Donation Drive


Resource speakers will be invited to share their expertise that’ll help the members and interested learners to enhance their skills. This will serve as our preparation for upcoming competitions.


Join writing competitions at different levels (division, regional, national, international) that will be conducted by government and private agencies.


Maintain coordination and partnership with the community and projects.

Hold literacy programs with the minority in the outskirts of our community; adopt a school or community in collaboration with the other clubs.

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