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During RecWeek, you may sign up and be a part of your favorite clubs. Different clubs have different grade-level requirements and quiz privileges. Browse through each one to see which one fits you best!

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ISA Circle of Musicians (ICOM)

ICOM aims to provide a safe environment for ISAers to discover their hidden musical abilities, participate in hobbies and activities they like, learn new skills, nurture and develop their musical talents, and become a source of entertainment for the ISA community.

Grade-level Qualification: Grade 5-12

Quiz Privilege: MAPEH

ISA Debate Society (ISA-DS)

ISA-DS intends to create a safe place to express candid opinions and thoughts. We believe that debating is for everyone. We believe that learners fear debate and we want to dispel this fear and illusion.

Debating does not have to be a structured and fixed activity. It should have many outlets, competition is certainly one, but other forms of outlets, especially more relaxed and recreational ones, should be explored to defuse the usual tension that comes with only competitive debating.

Grade-level Qualification: Grade 7-12

Quiz Privilege: Mathematics

ISA Junior Scholars (ISA JS)

ISA Junior Scholars strives to be an avenue or a safe space for ISA learners to share their stories. The world, especially the ISA community, has a lot of stories and ideas to tell. And we believe that brilliant ideas and stories shouldn’t be kept away from the world.

Grade-level Qualification: Grade 4-12

Quiz Privilege: Grammar and Writing

ISA Public Speaking Association (IPSA)

IPSA exists to give ear and confidence to voices, and voice to the voiceless. We believe in the power of listening and being listened to. Everyone has a voice. Finding it is a matter of having courage and giving courage to each other.

Grade-level Qualification: Grade 5-12

Quiz Privilege: Science

ISA Teatro Baganihan

ISA Teatro Baganihan commits itself to nurturing ISAers through theater & other performing arts. We are a theater club that is expressive of the ISA Virtue & Excellence and artistic soul, upholding Chinese-Filipino culture that creates a welcoming environment and builds strong relationships for ISAers who love to perform.

Grade-level Qualification: Grade 5-12

Quiz Privilege: Filipino

Margins: The ISA Book Club

Margins aims to create a fun community bonded by books, open minds, and meaningful conversations.

Join the conversation. Meet you at the Margins. 

Grade-level Qualification: Grade 6-12

Quiz Privilege: Literature

Spectrum Photographers' Guild of ISA

Spectrum aims to provide a platform where learners can express themselves in the form of photography, and to enrich their life experience through learning beyond the four walls of the classrooms, building meaningful connections, and snapping beautiful stories around to inspire others.

Grade-level Qualification: Grade 7-12

Quiz Privilege: Social Studies