Beyond Academics

We understand that every learner needs to find space for growth beyond the classroom.

Whether it’s writing, leading a project, engaging in debate, perfecting a musical instrument, or practicing a sport, our extra-curricular programs encourage learners to stay active and involved.

Learning doesn’t stop outside the classroom. Rather, it is expanded, tested, applied, and enriched.

Leadership and Service

Aside from the Learner Council, ISAers have many opportunities to lead and serve inside the classroom and beyond the walls of the campus.

Journalism and Literary Arts

Avenues to showcase literary works go beyond our official learner publication, The Junior Scholars. We believe our learners are great writers, because they are great readers.

Public Speaking and Debate

Our annual public speaking competitions, where every single ISAer auditions. The ISA Debate Society, which has gained recognition in inter-school competitions. ISAers speak, they are heard.

Music and Arts

Every single learner plays at least one musical instrument with considerable skill. The ISA Orchestra, our growing number of school bands, along with our talented dancers, never fail to put on a great show.

Sports and Athletics

Our sports programs allow ISAers to keep a sound mind in a sound body, in their regular PE classes, varsity trainings, the annual ISA Games, and in inter-school sports tournaments.

Inter-School Competitions

When the cake has been baked, what remains is the coating of icing. The accolades earned by the ISAers in the inter-school arenas serve this purpose.

Cultural and Community Events

With various year-round events that our learners either play a major role in or plan entirely by themselves, the campus community and culture are always alive and growing.

The ISA Experience

Every year, we are inspired by the ISAers’ confidence and eagerness to pursue their interests and excel at them, all without having to sacrifice their academic commitment.

When you believe in children’s potential and support them as their self-confidence grows, it’s only a matter of time until they surprise you in the best possible way. This has been the ISA experience over the years. 

Your journey with ISA begins here. View our application process or contact us to learn more about our programs.