Acquaintance Party Makes Comeback

By Josh Chua

Iloilo Scholastic Academy‘s acquaintance party makes a comeback after three years with the theme: “Nostalgia: Back to The 2000s” this July 14, 2023 at the ISA Gym.

The event started at 2:30 p.m. with an assembly in the gym hosted by Keren Ahhi and Juliana Camarista from the ISA Public Speaking Association, where all ISAers from Grades 4–12 dressed up in various 2000s-themed and inspired outfits as per the party theme.

Then, a prayer was led by the school club ISA Teatro Baganihan 2022-2023, followed by multiple icebreaker games prepared by the ISA Learner Council for the learners.

“Acquaintance Party has taken a lot of preparing, but it’s all thanks to the ISAers that we could bring this dream into a reality. I hope that they all enjoy the event as well as make new memories and friends, and that they will continue to look forward to LC events and projects in the future as well,” said Francesca Tiu, ISA Learner Council President.

A fashion show was then held for Grades 4-6, showcasing different kinds of fashion from the 2000s era, and after some more games for the elementary levels, three pairs of grade levels from Grades 7–12 participated in an inter-grade level performance competition wherein each of the groups exhibited their show-stopping performances.

“I think the Acquaintance Party was a fun-filled event that not only entertained me greatly but also allowed me to witness the vibrant personalities of the learners here at ISA. I especially enjoyed the 2000s-themed performances given by the high school learners, which really showcased their talent and creativity. It was also nice to witness the growing camaraderie among the ISAers, which I believe is the main objective of this event. I think this was just a glimpse of what we can expect from the learners, and I am excited to be a part of more events like this in the future,” remarked Ma’am Cheyenne Refugio, a writing subject facilitator.

In an awarding ceremony, the “Most Valuable Performer” awards were first given to the respective learners from each performance: Gai Park from Grade 10, Jusseff Klyte Capalaran from Grade 11, and Jackson Celis from Grade 12.

Gai Park, a “Most Valuable Performer” awardee, has stated, “I am grateful to everyone who cooperated, and because of the acquaintance party, I had a chance to become closer and get to know my fellow ISAers.”

The results of the two competitions were then announced: the first placer in the fashion show was Grade 6, followed by Grade 5, then Grade 4, while in the highschool inter-grade level performance competition, Grades 11 and 8 bagged the first place, followed by Grades 12 and 7, and Grades 10 and 9; wrapping the event up at around 6 p.m. along with a learners sign-out.

📷ISA Spectrum