100% of ISA Senior High School Batch 2021 Accepted to De La Salle University

ISA fourth batch of Senior High School graduates (SHS batch 2021) adds another feather in its cap. Though the school community had already expected a high turn out in the acceptance rate for this year’s SHS batch, It still came as a pleasant surprise to the community when people learned in early May that the whole batch of SHS graduates was eligible to enter the tertiary level of De La Salle University, one of the three top universities in the country.

In October 2020, when ‘rumors’ about the cancellation of entrance tests in most of the top universities started to circulate, the batch expressed their regret and disappointment. For their eagerness to beat the passing rates of the preceding 2 batches (both above 80% in DLSU) could hardly be put into test. Notwithstanding, their cogent credentials, in lieu of the hard-court examinations, must have impressed the admission body of DLSU to pass a lofty 100% acceptance verdict.

To the ISA senior high school graduates of batch 2021, congratulations!