First Day Hi 2021, a Call to Blaze a New Trail

ISA welcomes ISAers, Facilitators and Parents to the School Year 2021 First Day Hi on July 12. At 7:20 am, the virtual ceremony opened with a violin rendition of a prayer, the Philippine National Anthem and the ISA Hymn, all played by a group of ISAers. In his welcome address, ISA Executive Director Mr. Peter M. Chan succinctly recalled the challenges-laden preceding school year where in “the Learning Front of this defensive war amidst the pandemic, however, where you and I have been constantly at the forefront, we, as a community,  experienced an extraordinary success.” While recounting setbacks experienced by some ISAers, he was confident of a better school year ahead of them, “with hard work, perseverance, honesty and obedience, this time around, you will be able to hit the target ISA has set for you.” he finally concluded.

After the emcees presented the class advisers and subject facilitators, selected ISAers, mentors, alumni, and invited parents spoke on behalf of the ISA community. From different perspectives, they expressed their unwavering faith and affirmation to help drive ISA to a greater height, despite all the odds facing the school and the nation, in general.

The ceremony lasted for 35 minutes. Classes officially started at 7:55 am that day.

ISAers at the First Day Hi.