ISA Debate Society Launches First Debate Seminar

By Lisa Anne Ong (Grade 10 – Luna)

“Debate will really guide you in life; It’s going to help you find the confidence in yourself,” said Faith Emerene Alarde, guest speaker of UPDC.

To nurture young ISAers into debaters, the First Debate Seminar hosted by UPDC started at 4 p.m. on December 4 via zoom and Facebook live.

The meeting started with the introduction of the general house rules by the guest speakers Faith Alarde, Arianne Estrada, and Vincent Villanueva followed by the debate discussion, which covered the debate basics from formats to speaker roles and duties.

The speakers explained how to build arguments, rebuttals, extensions, and more. They also advised what to avoid during a debate. They then encouraged and entertained the ISAers with their own stories and experiences with their first times.

“Much of the credit truly goes to the people behind its success, such as Manang Faith and Arianne of UPV-I as well as the ISAers behind organizing the event like John, Lisa, Pat, and Nina. I thank God for seeing us through, as well. Without those people, this event would certainly have never seen the light of day.” Vincent Villanueva, the president of ISA Debate Society, said.

Before ending the seminar, the motions and criteria for the written entries were shown. These outputs were to determine the qualifiers for the upcoming seminars and tournament. Said outputs were sent to the emails of John Agujetas and

Vincent Villanueva with a reminder towards next Tuesday for the second seminar.

Congratulations to the qualifiers!