ISA kicks off 2021 Virtual Science Fair

by Patricia Gaille Tiu (Grade 11)

In the 8th installation of Science in Action, the Iloilo Scholastic Academy (ISA) community once again showcased numerous experiments and projects earlier this morning.

The virtual program saw Senior High School hosts Divine Llamas and Red de la Cruz welcoming fellow learners, facilitators, and guests to the annually held affair. With opening remarks by Mrs. Vina Jalipa, inspirational words from Education Program Supervisor Dr. Mary Regina Alkonga, and a warm recollection of previously held experiments, the first segment of the event was concluded.

“Every problem that we encounter in our daily living is an opportunity of every attempt to make scientific discoveries,” remarked Mrs. Vina Jalipa, the Executive Secretary of the ISA Board of Directors, “The more difficult the problem is, the greater will be the importance to make solutions through science and technology. We do not simply use technology. We practically live it.”

The second part of the event opened with hosts Katrina Soriano and Timothy Trimañez introducing the 2nd Virtual Capstone Research Forum, where the Grade 12 Senior High School learners presented their Investigatory Projects and research. Following this, distinct live experiments were held in each class through Zoom.

“To the science enthusiasts of the Iloilo Scholastic Academy,” Dr. Alkonga advised, “Never stop exploring, [and] be the best versions of yourselves despite the challenges.”
The final part of the event resumed offline, beginning from 10 in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon. The various experiments prepared by the ISA learners from Grades 1-12 were all made accessible through the official Iloilo Scholastic Academy Facebook page.