ISA launches Club Expo during Club RecWeek 2023

📰 Samantha Mok

📸 ISA Spectrum

In order to give the school clubs an opportunity to showcase their plans for the school year and recruit members, the ISA Learner Council (ISA-LC) organized a Club Expo on July 19, 2023, from 2:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the ISA Gym.

A total of 10 clubs participated in the Expo: Margins: The ISA Book Club, ISA Public Speaking Association , ISA Debate Society , ISA Junior Scholars , ISA Robot-ICTs Club , ISA Spectrum , ISA Circle of Musicians, ISA Teatro Baganihan 2022-2023, ISA Spartans, and ISUMM – ISA Union of Math Mavens , with ISA Teatro Baganihan leading the starting prayer, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony among the Club Assembly to officially inaugurate the event and finally, the club overview presentations by each club.

The spearhead of the Club Assembly, ISA-LC Vice President for Development Neriah Keren Ahhi has also expressed her sentiments about the event, “I feel so proud of all the clubs for all their preparations and hard work. Also, it was a great sight to see the learners signing up for clubs and looking forward to them. I hope that through this event, more learners will seek out new opportunities for growth and development, and the clubs to use this as a stepping stone for further improvement.”

After the presentations, the ISAers were given the rest of the time to visit the club booths stationed around the gym to sign up and partake in the clubs’ booth activities.

When asked about how she felt towards the event, one Grade 12 learner remarked, “The Club Expo was so lively. I am so happy I get to see each of the clubs’ overview in one sitting,” adding that she was convinced to join the clubs because they sparked her interest and creativity, and assured her of how much value they would bring.

Aside from the Club Expo sign-up, learners can still apply to 3 clubs at most through physical and online applications, which will be open until July 28, 2023.