ISA-LC Holds Tie-Dye Workshop for COVID-19 Response

Iloilo Scholastic Academy recently held the Tie-Dye Kit Workshop, a fund-raising activity arranged by the ISA Learner Council (ISA LC) in collaboration with Tie-Dye Manila. This event happened last October 10 in the homes of the students.

The event started with the introduction of the Tie-Dye Manila project and team to the students and parents through a zoom meeting. The team demonstrated the various dyeing techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to dye the shirts. After the program, students posted about their workshop experience using the hashtags #ISALCFundRaising #ISACares #WeHelpAsOne.

“I honestly believe that the ISAers had fun with the workshop, even I did! This activity really meant a lot to me because we’re also helping those who are greatly affected by the pandemic,” said ISA LC president Sean Austin Lao.

“Kudos to the council for making such an event,” expressed a student after the workshop, “The kids really had fun, including me. It was a great opportunity for me to release my stress and take a break from all my studies. I was also able to express my creativity and artsy side with this workshop.”

Tie Dye Manila is an organization that was founded on October 8, 2014. Besides the tie-dye kit, they also offer tie-dye stations for parties or events and tie-dyed t-shirts. The kits include a plain white cloth face mask, five different colors of dyes, two pairs of gloves, rubber bands, and a pack of soda ash.