My First Time

By Matthew Elixer Lanario (Grade 7 – Li Bai)

It always feels different,
whatever it may be,
when it’s your first
you will know and see.

I took my first shot
with my uncle’s airgun.
Feelings of satisfaction,
I was overcome.

I took more shots;
I felt it again.
It was New year then,
but I can still feel it within.

I got into my first fight
when I was 6.
It actually felt great;
I felt challenged for once.

I got hurt the first time,
then I understood
what pain felt like.
I felt spikes inside my body,
and it didn’t feel good,
so I stopped doing it.

In my first time tasting ice cream,
I felt at peace. I was ready to hurt
anyone touching my ice cream.
Eating it felt like there is something to live for;
there’s just peace within.