Reminiscing the Youthful Days

By Nanel Charisse Lacson (Grade 10 – Rizal)

Memories that we build during the youthful days are influential parcels in our life. It becomes something that is engraved deep within our nature and cultivates our character. As time passes by onto the future, there may come a time where we would reminisce and relive the journey we encountered. When I look back into my own life, my high-school experience was a chapter that I truly cherish.

It was a flourishing period of learning and forming meaningful relationships with others; however, it was not an easy road. One thing that remains certain is that school life will always have challenges, such as studying for upcoming exams. It doesn’t stop at school life either; it continues as you grow into adulthood. You may experience stress due to heaps of tasks and assignments that you have to accomplish, or maybe you even came across your first heartbreak in this stage of your youth.

The challenges that I confronted all became bearable because of the people around me. I’m fortunate enough to meet and be surrounded by classmates that make me feel at ease. Not only that, but I was also able to form meaningful bonds that allowed me to gain reliable friends. Lastly, I was able to have hardworking mentors that dedicate themselves to educating, connecting, and understanding their students.

We undergo a lot of shortcomings as we grow. But our youth is where we learn valuable morals and experience excitement. We find ourselves in burdensome circumstances, yet we also form memorable adventures. We discover how to become independent and also how to find happiness by exploring our hobbies and interests. Indeed, the joys of school life are surely countless.