What Love Can Look Like

By Divine Grace Llamas (Grade 10 – Rizal)

Love can look like a sweet smile over the smell of bread

Baking in the oven, for it to be served by your bed.

It can look like taking time out of a busy day

To watch a movie with you on a Friday

Love can look like pulling you to the side of the road

So it is safer for you to talk about the book you showed.

It can look like the person that plays with your hair

And gives you hugs to let you know that they care

Love can look like putting on an outfit that you love

And dancing to that song you’ve been thinking of

It can look like a message that asks if you’re okay

And then letting out things words cannot convey

Love is in the little things

It is in the comfort it brings

Learn to appreciate the many faces So it can take you to greater places