Grade 8


Life Lessons

By Francesca Ean Alexis Tiu (Grade 8 – Jacinto) Sometimes we find ourselves standing between two separate roads, our feet and eyes rooted to the ground because of the impending uncertainty that lies in the destination that the two paths would take us. An unguided, naive soul, unsure of where to take a step, turns...
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How to Overcome Procrastination

By Sofia Geolingo (Grade 8 – Bonifacio) How to Overcome Procrastination The red dot on the right side of the app was screaming at you to open it. You looked at your notification to find another new assignment waiting. You, who was filled with negative emotions, promised to do it later because you didn’t want...
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Single Mom

Harvy Dalida (Grade 8 – Jacinto) She is a great womanwho clearly doesn’t need a man,a woman who is my greatest supporter,and the woman who is my comforter,a woman who is no damsel in distress,that can handle the stress.Yes, she sometimes spanked me when I was a kid,but I know it was for my own...
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Ongoing Silence

Sofia Geolingo (Grade 8 – Bonifacio) A new source of destructionBegan in silenceSpreading discreetly,Letting itself be knownAs it unveils toward us asA dreadful predicament to our daily lives Struck by a sense of overwhelming fear Panic started to ariseEveryone was getting wearyAs people started to drop like flies We had to face a new struggleOne...
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Just the Same as Humans

By Francesca Ean Alexis Tiu (Grade 8 – Jacinto) Plants are very simple in everyday life, yet they hold a mystery that isn’t easily solved through the plain eye. Each plant carries its own character, own soul, and own quirks that make it stand out. I grinned at the sight of my mother’s garden, my...
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The Hope We Choose to Light

By Franchesca Ean Alexis Tiu (Grade 8 – Jacinto) The world around us continues to sink deeper into darkness; the thinnest silver of light is now nowhere to be found. We try our best to defeat the pull of the watery depths in an attempt to escape to the surface of the ocean where daybreak...
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