Grade 9


The Greatest Invention

By William Vicson Gocheco (Grade 9 – Mendeleev) What is the greatest invention in the world? A seemingly simple and straightforward question, right? Some might say it’s the internet. Maybe its electricity. Is it the steam engine? Is it agriculture? Is it perhaps fire? But what exactly defines as being great? Is it the complexity?...
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Call for Change

By Neriah Keren Ahhi (Grade 9 Mendeleev)  Millions of people have been displaced due to climate change. Marine animals are in danger because of pollution. Forests are declining, and thousands of animals are endangered. These are just among the effects of our actions. Climate change and pollution are two of the biggest environmental threats that...
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Choosing Peace Over Drama

By Neriah Keren Ahhi (Grade 9 Mendeleev) You started to learn the words “Me too.” You’re starting to heal from the trauma. Now, you’re seeing life in a whole new view. Your circle has become smaller. I see you grow. I can see you’ve become someone who’s better. You seem to have that glow from...
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By Samantha Mok (Grade 9 – Mendeleev) Mistakes.Something no one wants, But everyone makes. Mistakes. We’ve all been thereTo the frustration, regret, and despairA bad decision, a wrong answer on a test; Someone you hurt, due to carelessness. But it’s alright.Sometimes mistakes help you see the light. Trust the process and see howSome have brought...
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For the Fruits of Tomorrow

By William Vicson Gocheco (Grade 9 – Mendeleev) On a cold December morning, the sound of my alarm reached my ears. I struggle to grasp reality so early in the morning. Aching pain floods my body. Responsibilities and duties fill my mind. It’s a school day today. The immense pull of my body towards the...
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Who and What Kinds Of Characters Should Authors Be Writing About

By John Alexander C. Agujetas (Grade 9) It should come as no surprise that authors are divisive. Frankly, it’s likely that no other profession has had the profound, mind-altering and thought-provoking effect that authors have caused through the years, all of them in different cultures, affecting different people and their different minds. There’s always room...
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